in the ZOO (Part I)

Assalamualaykum my dear viewers.. 

Today, i wanna share my photos when i was going to the zoo. In Jakarta, we have RAGUNAN ZOO, which is so nice place to see and explore everything about animals. My boyfie gave me suprised, he took me to the zoo without telling anything before, i'm not prepare and wear daily outfit, but it's ok as long as i bring sandals.. yeayy.. so here is my pic.. enjoy then.. xoxo..

sharp stare
catch the light
listen, see and touch
book of noura
where are you komu?
meet me at the jungle
hey, i think the elephant love me ;)
where you go eleee?
look at me eleeeee..
this is for you sweetie..
do i look like a gorila? hahaa
and.. she love me too..
Dragon girl

Done? ofcourse not, i still have some pic and i will share soon just for you. I'm exited to share but i'm lil busy with my job too, so there will be next part of this. 

Just wait ya..
love you..

Photography by : My R
Edited by : Me

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